Invested by Chipolbrok in 2011, HONGFA SHIPPING has become a major player in the ocean carriage of projects & break bulk cargo covering the whole South Hemisphere in the past 10 years. There are nearly 10 modern MPP tonnages operated by HONGFA, varying from 22,000 dwt to 36,000 dwt with max lifting capacity up to 520 mts. Currently HONGFA is offering monthly sailing to S.America & S.Africa and biweekly sailing to Australia & New Zealand.

With the completion of equity trading by the end of 2020, Chipolbrok & HONGFA has agreed on the model of “integrated management”, and devote to the “dual-brand strategy” hand in hand. For sake of further strengthening the operating capacity, Chipolbrok will continue to promote the integrated management of both fleets, put through communication in different aspects, enhance the mutual flow of resources, form a development mode of complementary advantages, and release the confluent effect of "1+1>2".

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