Good News: HONGFA has won 3 projects in a week


Recently, the shipping industry has suffered a lot due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus. Confronted with the grave challenges, HONGFA SHIPPING has resumed work effectively and efficiently since Feb.10th by winning 3 consecutive projects in a week.


  • On Feb.20th , HONGFA SHIPPING signed with Siemens-Gamesa on WAIPIPI wind power project in New Zealand, with about 140,000 revenue tons.
  • On Feb.21st , HONGFA SHIPPING signed with Valmet Forward on pulp plant project in Brazil, with about 40,000 thousand revenue tons.
  • On Feb.26th , HONGFA SHIPPING signed with CRRC on metro projects in Australia, with about 40,000 revenue tons.



With more than five years of thriving development, HONGFA SHIPPING has quietly become the pioneer of its market segment. The service including monthly sailing from Far East to South America and biweekly sailing to Australia & New Zealand has been highly rated by the customers. The “triple kill” this time not only reflects the superb service & competitiveness, but ensures the robust operation during the crisis.

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